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About the Gender Bias Survey

We are interested to learn more about gender bias in the humanitarian sector. By gender bias we mean unfair treatment of people based on their gender. Gender bias can be conscious or unconscious, and may manifest in many ways, both subtle and obvious. Gender bias may include attitudes and behaviors.

The survey will focus on how these biases affect humanitarian practitioners and influence the implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian programs including programs on gender-based violence in emergencies (GBViE).

 Donor: Elrha's Humanitarian Innovation Fund, Beth Israel  

 Deaconess Medical Center's Young Investigators Award

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 Refugee camp in Dollo, Ado, Ethiopia. Photo credit: Vandana Sharma

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About the Gender-based Violence & COVID-19 Survey

Our goal is to understand how humanitarian practitioners are addressing gender-based violence (GBV) risk within the context of their operations during COVID-19. In particular, we aim to learn more about how global guidance on GBV risk mitigation is being used in diverse settings and especially in non-protection sectors. The evidence and learning from this research will help refine global guidance for GBV risk mitigation for use during current COVID-19 response, as well as future responses. ​

Donor: Elrha's R2HC programme

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Refugee camp illustration. Guidelines for Integrating GBV Interventions in Humanitarian Action. IASC, 2015.

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